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Single Issues

Our Subscriptions offer the best value for money.

You can decide to change title and you can change your mind anytime with the help of our customer service.

But if you are not ready to commit yet or if you are looking for a special issue for your collection, chances are you will find it here.

  • AdventureBox Christmas 2020 Special

    AdventureBox Christmas 2020 Special


    AdventureBox Special Issues are published 2x each year.  One for Summer and one for Christmas.  Each special issue contains handpicked multi-chapte...

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  • AdventureBox Summer 2022 Special

    AdventureBox Summer 2022 Special


    Stories that will take you to far away places and back again!…    Kids can unravel the exciting Summer trip through reading at their own pace.   O...

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  • 【NEW】 Mystery Investigation Gamebook

    【NEW】 Mystery Investigation Gamebook


    A change of pace: unlike the hyper pace of a computer or mobile game, this mystery gamebook encourages the calm and critical observation of details...

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  • AdventureBox Christmas 2021 Special

    AdventureBox Christmas 2021 Special


    They’re big…  They’re massive...  And they’re coming this way!  Despite their size, Giants are not so different from us.  This winter, AdventureBox...

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  • AdventureBox Christmas 2022 Special

    AdventureBox Christmas 2022 Special


    Are you all set for a new mission? This special issue is all about solving mysteries by putting your brilliant mind to the test! Join our detective...

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