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Discover History Science Nature and the World

With Discovery Box magazine children learn about History, Science, Nature and the World.

Are children ONLY interested in Science or Animals? NO! DiscoveryBox magazine encourage them to be curious about EVERYTHING!
Each Issue digs into a theme and offers valuable information presented in a clear and digestive way for kids. Comics, documentaries and games are fun and brilliantly illustrated to help them DISCOVER and LEARN. Every month a new Science experiment and Animal fun facts complete this awesome pack.
Discovery Box is Parent's choice award's "Gold medal winner 2019" 
  • DiscoveryBox: Ages 9 - 14

    DiscoveryBox: Ages 9 - 14


    Recommended Age: 9 to 14 years old Made in UK. Gold Medallist in Parents’ Choice Award (US)  A journey of discovery through nature, science and hi...

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  • DiscoveryBox Special Edition "Explorers" (single issue)

    DiscoveryBox Special Edition "Explorers" (single issue)


    This Special Edition highlights some monumental moments in human history.  Through the adventures of Marco Polo, the discoveries of Jacques Cartier...

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  • DiscoveryBox Special Edition "Human Body" (single issue)

    DiscoveryBox Special Edition "Human Body" (single issue)


    Every part of your body tells its own story — the beating of your heart, the rumble of your stomach, the flexing of your fingers. In this new speci...

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  • DiscoveryBox Single Issue 245

    DiscoveryBox Single Issue 245