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Why subscribe to Bayard Magazines?


Bayard magazines have been proven successful in helping children build reading stamina, as well as broadening their horizons and giving them a better understanding of the world.

It is a real treat for children to receive their own personally addressed magazine through the letterbox. This causes them to feel a huge attachment to their magazine and the reading experiences it provides.

Bayard magazines provide support with the subjects children learn in school and are often used for school projects. 

Bayard magazines are not only educational but are also a great source of enjoyment and fun for our readers.


The magazines are absolutely advert-free. 


Subscribing is the best way to receive our magazines anywhere in the world. If you relocate to another country during your subscription, your magazines will be sent to your new address.

As children grow, their subscription can be transferred from one magazine to another at any point, free of charge.