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As teachers and educationalists, you are actively engaged with children’s education and development and you know how important it is to supply them with high-impact material to attract their attention and encourage their learning.

At Bayard, we consider ourselves your partners in this vital educational work. We produce a range of high-quality, glossy magazines to provide extra-curricular support for children’s development.

All our magazines are produced with an eye on the National Curriculum Literacy Strategy and its aims for each age group. We offer a rich variety of material presenting children with fun, exciting reading experiences to broaden their understanding and increase their enjoyment of learning.

We offer uncompromising quality and visually stimulating design that is inviting and not at all intimidating. With texts of different lengths and styles to choose from, children can find their individual best entry point into the magazines. They can use the stories, factual articles, games, poems and cartoons, to read alone or to share with others.

Each issue is delivered directly to children in a smart blue envelope. Each month they wait for it with eager anticipation and pounce on it with delight. It’s still a revelation to me how strongly attached children become to “their” magazines!

And when children have outgrown one magazine, there is another to follow and support them at the next stage of their development.

Let us join forces with you and put children on the road to a great reading adventure. 

Simona Sideri, Editor in chief

Special offer for schools

Group reading subscriptions: AdventureBox is carefully edited to make it accessible for children starting to read fiction on their own. It has a recognizable and recurring layout, with pictures on every page, to provide support and develop reading stamina. This is the perfect publication for group reading in class.

6 subscriptions for £240 only (that's 20% off!).

Please write to or call 0800 055 6686 to benefit from this special offer.

 Your SCHOOL can benefit!

You will certainly appreciate the educational benefits which our magazines provide throughout the year! Children will have fun while they’re learning!

Receive FREE subscriptions for your school by allowing us to introduce our magazines to your pupils and their parents.