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Try it! How do you measure the speed of the wind?

Download & print the full experiment here! 


Sometimes strong, sometimes soft, the wind blows in different directions and strengths. Today’s experiment, the kids will learn to make an anemometer – a device to measure wind speed. See if they could make a weather forecast from it too!

What you'll need:

  • A white plastic bottle
  • A wooden kebab skewer
  • A Straw
  • A pencil
  • A marker pen
  • Scissors 
  • Some sticky tape

In 6 easy steps construct an Anemometer:

  1. Cut a ring from the plastic bottle and split it in half
  2. Turn over one of the halves and attach the skewer down the middle.
  3. Make a hole in the middle of the bottle top, push the skewer through it and screw the top back on the bottle
  4. Draw 3 lines of dots on the bottle – 1 dot near the bottle top, 4 dots in the 2nd line and 8 dots along the edge
  5. Slip the skewer into the straw
  6. Hold the anemometer by the straw lightly to let it catch the wind.

Download & print the full experiment here! 

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