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白羚羊 White Antelope: Ages 7 - 14


Recommended Age: 7 to 14 years old

White Antelope is a magazine for teens who are in middle school. Because on the road to adolescence, we are full of momentum ... but we do not go wild! To find your way around this abundance of news, information and emotions, teenagers need a magazine like White Antelope.


Our hope for the teens is to

  • help them blossom and be happy in schools
  • answer their questions, they hardly dare to ask
  • understand the news and to build their own vision of the world
  • help them open up to others
  • help them to plan serenely for the future

With a subscription to White Antelope, you offer your teenager the indispensable companion of his school years.


  • Full year subscription: 10 issues

All our magazine titles have 10 issues in a year with combined issues in Jan/Feb and July/Aug.