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紅蘋果 Red Apple: Christmas 2020 Special


A Preview of the Christmas 2019 Special

Red Apple Special Editions are published two times a year – one for the Summer holidays, and one for Christmas.  Each special edition contains a carefully curated compilation of 3 multi-chapter stories.  The stories are selected based on their ability to highlight aspects of everyday life in an exciting and imaginative way.  Authors artfully deliver plotlines that escalate quickly while at the same time resonating deeply with its readers.  


The Witch on the Train

Witches are known for being wild and wicked, and surrounded in magic and mystery.  One day, a couple of lawless witches meet their enemies on a speeding train! What kind of witchcraft and mischief will they get into?



A long, long time ago, Captain Hawk-nosed led a group of pirates to attack an enemy ship, and the brave master Wheat secretly followed them, and revealed the secret of Captain Hawk-nosed ⋯⋯ 


Camping Adventures

This summer, Belle and the Lily family went on vacation in the countryside. However, they lost their way on the mountain. At midnight, Lily saw a dark shadow approaching in the open space. At this moment, a moving scene appeared!


This special edition is now available for pre-order! Expected delivery date is in mid-June!